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Hello guys and girls,

I'm currently learning the ABC ant I'd like to see the additional warbands for Mortheim in the data file. Since the lone wolfs said "we did the core - you do the rest" I put myself to ABC and want to DO it.
My primary motivation for this is to include the druchii(beta) warband from, since I play them myself.

First of all I'd like to collect all members working on this topic so far. I'd like to see if there is something done already out there (eg the beastmen, I've read of). I started with the druchii and the orcs, so far, but much things are to be done.

Second I want to recruit as many as possible members for crosschecking/bugreporting.

Third is thetechnical organization of the addon. I had to modify some parts in the mortheim.def file but Id rather like to add race by race leaving the core stuff. Ideas?

Best regards,

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