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I've very nearly got this. Here is the code as it is:

    <bootstrap thing="cfgPRArmorMech"></bootstrap>
    <eval phase="PostLevel" priority="10000"><![CDATA[    doneif (tagis[Helper.Disable] <> 0)

~ Set number of modification slots
    field[abValue].value += (field[xCount].value + 3)

~ Allow the modifications slots to be used.
       hero.childfound[cfgPRArmorMech].field[cfgMax3].value = field[abValue].value]]></eval>
    <eval phase="Render" priority="10000" index="2"><![CDATA[      field[listname].text = "Modified Armor " & signed(field[xIndex].value + 3) & "Slots"]]></eval>
The abValue field is being set properly, but the cfgMax3 field is only picking up the first instance of the ability. It is not picking up the changed abValue field when further instances are bootstrapped. So what am I missing here to make the number of choices increase?
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