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I fully agree with this. My partner and I also wanted to share the content. At first we tried it the HLClassic way of secondary licenses, but she and I cannot be logged in on the account simultaneously. It's been a time-sink trying to find out what the options are. and that the secondary licensing options we had in Classic are just not available in HLO, even though intuitively that would have made sense to me since HLO asked me to link my HLClassic license.

Our second attempt was similar to the one that Tasha described: to make a second account for my partner, and have her characters owned by the campaign. However, because both she and I run a campaign that the other plays in, this didn't work either. I cannot assign the GM role to her account for the campaign she runs, so we’d need to swap accounts to get that to work. That’s a whole can of worms that’d I’d rather avoid.

In the end, this is forcing us to have three accounts, one "campaign" account, and a "player" account for each of us, with the campaign account having all the content at patron level, and each player account on apprentice level. I really hope there will be better options than this...
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