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Originally Posted by whitewolfmxc View Post
Bug report :

1) King champion for dwarfs doesnt have the option to add any warriors to his warband

2) When taking durin for dwarfs , the option for dwarf warriors upgrade to hearthguard is missing

3) dwarf balista doesnt have the uption of upgrading of one of its crew to a dwarf siege captain
Thanks for the feedback. Looks like 1 and 2 are bugs. I will have these worked on this weekend.

As for #3, that is actually working as intended. The rules for Siege Weapons is that if a Siege Weapon has an Engineer Captain(he must lead the warband). So there are actually 2 different Siege weapons for each type. One that is a 'hero option' that auto adds the Captain, and then as a warrior that can be added to an existing hero warband, but does not have an option for captain upgrade(since that would break them from the originating warband)

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