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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
I'd recommend waiting until I get a chance to fix that error with the wizard's 0-level spells before trying to tackle it yourself. Just leave the error in place on your new class, and hopefully the fix will solve your problem, too.
I did that because the class didn't obtain the 0-level spells from wizard, even with "use which spells", "wizard" selected. If the class had all 0-level spell, there would be no point in bootstrapping spells... x)

Anyway, adding a new tag can be useful in such cases (when a tag is added to a class after the bootstrapping phase) - after all, forwarding a tag for conditional bootstrap is used for the abjuration power, and, I think, for some other classes powers... If it's impossible, I'll continue in the same way if I need (add an existing tag, bootstrap, clean the tag), it's not a real problem, but I'm asking if there's a way to add tag.
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