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Originally Posted by Bloodwolf View Post
Sorry for not being clear. The Fang dragon's natural weapons are the same as a dragon one size category larger. So a medium dragon does large dragon damage. A gargantuan dragon does colossal dragon damage. Luckily for me the Fang dragon never goes above gargantuan.

As for the special Dragon Natural Weapons script it only changes 1 value for each attack type and at different size categories. I tried that first and it didn't change them correctly either. I'm thinking that I might have to write a script that just flat changes every damage value for each damage type for each size category.

But it has been a while since I have done this heavy of a script so it will take me some time. And you know that once I get it right I'll put it in the Dropbox. I just want to get it right before sending it on.
It shouldn't be necessary to go to that extreme. We can make some adjustments to the script and bootstraps to raise the level of damage specifically for the Fang Dragon. I can help with that if you want to send me what you have.

Sorry for being obtuse. Sometimes I need to be clubbed over the head.
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