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Originally Posted by Bloodwolf View Post
Well it worked until I hit large size.

I bold and italicized the incorrect values that Helper.DamageUp sets.

So what needs to be changed?
I'm confused. You say the damage dice for normal dragons and for Fang Dragons are the same according to this chart you posted. You previously stated though that their damage is increased by one size category. Which is it?

Helper.DamageUp increases the damage of a weapon by one size category based on the damage path it's on. Conveniently, there are two paths here so that could account for any inconsistencies you may be seeing. I recommended this for the 6d6 damage dice you said you needed since there isn't a tag for that (I don't think).

If you look at the script on the special Dragon Natural Weapons that should give you all you need to help you force whatever tags you need. (Note: you can modify this script all you want, but if you don't want it be erased with every update you will either need to send me your updates or make your own version of it in a separate fle.)

Originally Posted by Bloodwolf View Post
By the way Crush and Tail Sweep only show in the special tab.
Yea, I see that. Kind of annoying actually. I'll fix that whenever I get back to updating the monster races.

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