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Originally Posted by Bloodwolf View Post
@Sendric Thanks I found them but the problem I ran into is that there is no 6d6 in the weapon damage list. Any idea where else to look for it?

What is happening is the Fang Dragon has a natural ability that allows its natural weapons to be considered one size category larger. So I am trying to figure out how to accomplish this. I tried just modifying the bootstraps for the dragon natural weapons ability but it didn't work right. Then I noticed that the actual script has some "hard" changed to specific damages. I'm thinking that I can just expand that script to change all of the damages. Can I email you the script for the bite and see what you think? I still have your email from years ago.

I'm thinking a basic if/then statement might work but the precreated script in the dragon natural weapon ability is different than a basic if/then so I'm not sure it will work.
Add the tag Helper.DamageUp to the weapon.
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