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Originally Posted by Spyderbane View Post
Obtain Familiar is throwing an error

"Attempt to access non-lice child pick 'cArcFamil' from Script Location: 'eval' script for Thing 'fOFamiliar' (Eval Script '#2') near line 5"

Also the Dark Template is giving the wrong Hide in Plain sight
Thanks. Fixed Obtain Familiar. Will look into Dark Template.

Originally Posted by Illyahr View Post
Daisho Technique (Rokugan Campaign Setting) is working at the wrong timing. Needs to be set to post-levels

The special thing Way of the Dragon (xWayDragon, Rokugan Campaign Setting) also needs to be set to post-levels. The script also needs to be adusted to still trigger if wearing light armor.
Thanks. Will look into these.
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