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Originally Posted by MNBlockHead View Post
Rather than request icons, I would like the ability to import your own custom icons. Not that I necessarily want to spend the time making my own, but it would be great if I could be a icon packs on in the Content Market and if icons could be customized for a specific campaign, so content creators can offer thematically appropriate icons with their settings and adventure content.
Here's why I think they can't do that now, and why it may never really be possible.

This is because, as it stands now, in the database the category definition just needs to store the index to the icon in the fixed list (such as "1"). This works because every user has the SAME set of icons, in the same order. If users can have different icon sets, this simple index no longer works.

IF (and I do not actually know whether the storage as so direct and simple) this is how the category definitions reference the icons now, it would be a fairly significant re-write to make RW allow for each user to have different icons.
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