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Originally Posted by Angela2013 View Post
I just made a coin for each kind of coin there is (pp, gp, etc.). Each coin was set at the right price and weight (.02 lb.). Just buy the right number of coins for the value to be transferred. Then right click the coin, click give to hero, and choose whom you want to give it to.

The receiver can then just sell the coins for 100% of the value.
That's the same method I use.

Creating the coins in the editor is pretty simple, and serves as a good introductory project for using the editor.

The only drawback is that, to give the portfolio to another player, you also need to include the *.user file in which your new coins are included. For my use, I put them in a basic file named "[my initials] System Shared.user"... because they're pretty basic and I don't want to have to worry about them in other files with stuff that's adventure-specific or world-specific.

I also created the User source entry to be the same name.. to keep it generic.
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