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I have an interest in this, as well. I love the concept and the book.

The problem is that, while they are built like weapons, they are not weapons. The +1 --> +5 bonus refers to bonuses to spellcasting effects in addition to attacks.

The wands grant bonuses to caster level checks, attack rolls, damage rolls, and maybe another effect. The staves affect a wider variety of things, but all related to spellcasting.

As with weapons, the items can have up to a +5 enhancement bonus. Additional special abilities are priced as being equivalent to additional +x to the enhancement, similarly to weapons (although the cost table is different). Wyrdwands may have only one additional ability, while Runestaves may have any number up to an effective total bonus of +10 (again, patterned after how weapons work).

While the patterning is the same, the prices and what they effect are not. A +2 Wyrdwand used to cast acid arrow, for example, adds +2 to the ranged attack roll, +2 to the first die of damage, and +2 to any caster level checks required.

The "fiery" property, when added to a Runestave or Wyrdwand, adds +1d6 fire damage to all fire spells the wielder casts.

With the effects being so different from those of a weapon, and the pricing being based on a different scale from either weapons or armor, I am not sure that using weapons or armor is going to be the "right" way to implement them.

What gets truly interesting is when they are mixed with weapon enhancements (on a staff, specifically). It is not clear from the book whether they would "stack" with normal weapon enhcement bonuses, or would be separate effects. Because the pricing is different, I cannot see them being mixed in a "stacking" manner.

Weapon +'s are priced at [total bonus squared] x 2,000 gp
Armor +'s are priced at [total bonus squared] x 1,000 gp

These are priced at [total bonus squared] x 1,500 gp

Hope that helps frame the discussion.
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