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I picked up the Theros book on D&D Beyond and am currently working on it. Leonin, Satyr, and College of Eloquence are done. Oath of Glory is about a quarter done. I'm currently working on Supernatural Gifts and Piety.

Piety is an interesting new system. I've settled on having it appear on both the background screen and the In-Play tabs. The In-Play tab will be where you track the actual Piety score, which is what the Supernatural Gifts and Artifacts will use to enable their higher-level features.

Technically, Piety will be bootstrapped to any Supernatural Gift or Artifact that uses it. If you want to track Piety without using either of those things, there will be an adjustment to add it manually.

Supernatural Gifts will work much like Epic Boons: there will be an option on the Configure Hero screen to always enable the Supernatural Gifts tab. I'm trying to decide if I want it to also always be on whenever the Theros book is selected as a source. Any and all opinions are welcome on this!

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