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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our new forums!

As you can see, we've upgraded to some totally new forum software, as well as moving the forums to their own separate server. The forums now live here:

The old URL will redirect to the new forums, but we recommend that you start using the new URL for everything, since this will be the permanent home of the new forums.

All user accounts, forums, threads and posts have been transferred over from the old forums, so you should be able to log in and post just like you used to.

Two things have not been transferred over due to technical limitations - any private messages you had from the old forums, and the contents of the Downloads section. If you need to retrieve the contents of your private messages, please let me know (send me a private message) and I'll send you them; we're still working on the Downloads section replacement, but for now we recommend you use a service like to share your files. (You can attach images to posts as before.)

Also, you may need to resubscribe to any forums or threads you were subscribed to previously - I don't think those settings were migrated across either.

If you have any problems, please post a thread in this forum and I'll do my best to get you sorted out. Thanks for your patience during our downtime, and enjoy your new forums!

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