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Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
I assume this is also based on the fact that the sales portals can't handle doing subscriptions? That is the one I hear most often about is how LW does not support like Paizo. So is this like a partially way of providing this?
I think our lack of support for true subscriptions is definitely a factor here. Users want something simple so they don't have to deal with buying stuff every month. Since we don't have support for subscriptions, the bundle option is an alternative that works for some. I'm sure we'd have a lot more users take advantage of the subscription option if we made it available. Unfortunately, that will require a major overhaul of our sales portal to make possible, and such an overhaul competes for the same resources that are currently focused on product development. Subscription support is one of the many things we'd do in a heartbeat if we had unlimited resources, but our resources are severely limited, so it's still on the list of things we want to do.
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