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@KazMx, I think you may be assuming the bundle is a sales strategy for us. If offering the bundle was an important business strategy to incentivize more users to purchase early so that we can get the money out of them in advance, then it would definitely make sense for us to offer a discount to users. However, that's NOT our motivation here.

If you look at our history, we have almost never offered a "sale", nor have we made a habit of offering products for purchase prior to their availability. That's a business model we have only started to dabble in with Hero Lab, and only in very minor ways (e.g. a short holiday sale last November and allowing pre-orders of the Rise of the Runelords AP package a couple weeks in advance).

Our motivation for the annual bundle is simply to appease the many users who have expressly requested the ability to only have to pay us once instead of having to buy new packages every month. Our expectation is that the majority of users will continue to buy new packages as they come out. In this case, we're not trying to incentivize users to give us money in advance. We're offering the bundle purely as a convenience item - nothing more. So, instead of the common discount-for-upfront-money exchange that you may be assuming is our motivation, we're merely offering a convenience option to appease users who requested it. Unlike what numerous other companies strive to accomplish through a bundle deal, this isn't a marketing or sales initiative intended to get us more upfront cash. We could potentially pursue something like that, but that's a different approach from how we have traditionally operated.

Hopefully, this distinction makes a little more sense now.

P.S. Your "blind trust" is greatly appreciated, and we're all intent on honoring that trust to the best of our abilities. I like to think that trust has been earned over the years, and I believe the primary reason users asked us to offer the bundle was because they trust us the way you do. Well, that and the fact that lots of us are lazy and will happily avoid the hassle of having to buy stuff an extra 10 times a year.

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