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I feel a little bit misunderstood, let me explain where my disgust come from. The minimum wage where I live is about 4.5 dollars give or take, not to the hour, but for a full shift of 8 hours. Don't feel sorry for me I have a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, so I don't earn that little but still is a lot of money for someone here in Mexico.

But it doesn't really hurt to give that amount of money, because I love Pathfinder and Hero Lab. I love them because I love the companies behind those products, they give amazing material for me to play with. That being said the thing I love most is that I don't feel they are trying to squeeze money out of me; even though the products are a bit expensive the quality is up to the standards. I trust this much in both companies that I purchase most products as soon as you have them for sale, with out blinking an eye, as this was the case

In finance we have this notion about Present Value and Future Value of the Money, in which you prefer to receive 100 dollars now than to receive them a year from now. That's because inflation and other factors depreciate the value a hundred dollar bill have through. So as you can see it is more expensive for us, customers.

I wont be asking my money back since as you already mention it is convenient for me to purchase it right now than to make multiple purchases through out the year. But it is far more convenient for you to have money before you start the development process for most of the materials, and even better to have at full face value.

As you can see I feel a bit betrayed in this blind trust I have in you as a company. My only hope right now is for you to have this opinion into account in the future, just for the sake that I'm one of your most loyal customers and I want to see the company grow as much as you.
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