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My Character Sheet viewer App is live on the Google play store and can be found here

due to popular demand I have release another app on Google Play what removes the adds from the viewer it can be found here (please ignore the screen shots, I haven't updated them without the ads)

Change Log:

1.1.1: Fix for spontaneous casters on the dynamic view.

1.1.0: Added Dynamic View for pathfinder

1.0.11: The App will now be set as the default (or as an option to become the default) viewer for hero lab portfolios when opened from other applications (i.e. the Google drive application or file browsers)

1.0.10: Added Swipe left/right to show/hide the character list pane

1.0.9: Fix for the app defaulting the first character when rotating the device

1.0.8: Dropbox added as a storage location

1.0.7: Local Storage added

1.0.6: fixes the issue with missing characters when some characters in the portfolio have minions

Close unneeded activities once the user navigates away from them.

This will allow you to close the application by clicking the back button from viewing a character

Fixed a bug where you where unable to see minion stat blocks (eidolon's and animals companions etc), these now appear under the character they belong to in the character list.

Added a menu to allow you to change portfolios while the application is running
Fixed a bug where the progress dialog was not showing while loading a portfolio

A missing permission was stopping some devices from being able to load Portfolios.

Fix for some portfolios that are stored on Google drive being grayed out in the selector

initial release

Todo:[LIST][*] Add Item and Hp tracking[*] Add adjustments Framework[LIST]

If your Having any issues with the app check out the Wiki first to see if there is anything useful there or let me know here

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