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Originally Posted by DragonCrafter View Post
It's clear that lone wolf is biased about this - look at the newsletter:
It's one small part of Army Builder to sum the points. There was an opportunity here to provide different roster breakdowns, summary reports would be extremely useful. The comments above are disappointing. I would have loved to use army builder to set up my armies, get a summary, etc., and recommend it to my friends so we can review our rosters easily - the same way we used it for 8th edition.

I guess it's pointless, you clearly have made up your mind to ignore a game that is growing in popularity every day - I'll delete my Army Builder, unfortunately I cannot get a refund on the three licenses I had bought.
As a file designer, I am not going to write a game file for a game that "I Refuse to play" I have for a long time just taken what GW has dished out since 5th Edition heck even dropped several hundred(s) of $$$ building this really new army they came up with called Dogs of War. Well then came 6th and well we got this short PDF that said oh hey here simple rules and stats to tide you over until we get your army book out. Then we moved forward into 7th Ed and well some armies got book, well most did. But the meta changed what was a good combat block of 20 guys now needed to be like 30+ in case you ran into a large fear causing unit and auto routed if they had a higher unit strength then you. Then along rolls 8th and they go ok we see an error in our ways but then the meta of Monsterous Infantry and attacks from rear ranks if if you had been luck to have killed off all the front line warriors what could attack. Then all the drop of the "End Times" here buy these $60+ books that opps had a shelf life of less then 1 year followed by this new game. Its not the same as the old game.

If anyone wants a simple course just open the generic dataset that army builder install by default and look at how its coded in ABcreator, you can with some short learning curve create a new dataset, I for one just won't.

So end rant, I am fully vested in being a WF8 player and not an AoS player. I really think that now several events are looking at home brew rules just to make AoS a tournamanet event playable game is just foolish.

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