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Originally Posted by Nigel Fogg The Wayfarer View Post
I'm so shocked by this I'll say it again

I know some Prestige Classes only have 5 levels available in them but

I haven't even thought of someone ever having more than their parent class and maybe....just maybe adding a third Prestige class and that's only a recent concept because one of my fellow players in the campaign I'm in shocked me by adding a 2nd Prestige class to the adventuring party's cleric whereas the rest of us are either straight up 15th level in a core class or a mix of levels between a core class and one Prestige class.

Sir or Madam, you are reminding me of the Old Days when to become a bard one could only be Human or Half-Elven, had certain stat & alignment restrictions, first had to be a fighter for 5 levels and then before attaining 8th level had to switch to thief (before they got all politically correct and changed the class name to "rogue") AND THEN at some point between their 5th and 9th level as a thief they switch again to being a druid & get to be "called" a bard. I doff my cap to you.

Unless you're just making a "godlike" NPC rather than a Player Character.

Nigel Fogg, the Wayfarer
Lol. I am a Sir and yes it's a PC character build although he is dipping into epic levels and i actually have a few of them. My friends and I have always delighted in making crazy and out there character builds and trying new and better ways to make uber but unbroken characters..... we've found a few of both.

"Pure" characters are fun to play and use but I like mixing it up because some classes and prestige classes really really build well on each other and not to mention add excellent complexity to a character and I don't just mean complexity in terms of how rules and such play on each other but in the actual characters because it forces you to come up with really intriguing back stories and mind sets of characters for explanation of why they are such a mix of classes.

Another thing I like to do it stack templates. It's just as good as building crazy classes but you can do it at early if not starting levels. Like for example a character I'm running right now is a human with a Half Iron Golem template (with a failed Will save, from MMII) which makes him a mindless character of golem type with a 0 level adjustment. On that I stacked the Incarnate Construct template (Savage Species) which makes him sentient again and takes away a bunch of his power (essentially "balancing" it again.... not really though) which has a -2 level adj and then finally stacking the half-vampire template (Libris Mortis) on that which gives him a +2 level adjustment (No overall level adjustment) and then make him a level 1 monk. End result is a super low charisma and intelligence character with insane strength and constitution as well as damage reductions and a large natural AC bonus (which the monk abilities stack on oh so nicely). I like to add some flaws on that like Shaky and Weak Will (Unearthed Arcana) to give the extra strength to the character feat wise as well as add some intentional weaknesses that play into his story to add even more flavor.

The story is that a mad wizard captured an innocent human one day and basically tried to turn him into the ultimate weapon. First by trying to turn the human into a mindless golem like creature but it turned out he did not serve and usable function without any consciousness so he caste and incarnate construct spell on him and then began to meddle with the creature by trying to cross it with a vampire in order to make it even more powerful. The mental torture of all the experimentation shattered the mind of the now Frankenstein's monster like creature leaving him with no memory of his former life and with the innocence of a child. Before the wizard could finish his experimentation with the creature and to continue the Frankenstein like theme, the local village caught word of what was going on in the wizards tower... torches and pitchforks ensued, the tower was burned down, the wizard killed and the confused monster chased off. He was found by a wandering monk who brought the obviously trouble creature back to his monastery where he was raised as one of them and trained as a monk. The village caught word of them giving refuge to the creature..... more pitchforks and torches... monastery burned down.... all the monks killed and the monster again chased off. Now take this character who is innocent and stupid as a child, fighting his own messed up instincts and rage at having the only thing he ever loved destroyed (not to mention the torture of the experiments by his former wizard creator) and add the conflictedness of the teachings by the only people (the monks) who ever treated him well and insert him into any campaign and have at er'. Good times ensue.

ANYWAYS, I've gotten way off topic.... D&D talk does that to me. Needless to say I do occasionally create characters who are of mixed class and prestige class. Is there actually any problems that surface from doing so with 6 or more?
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