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Originally Posted by Draidis View Post
In the validation details of one of my PC's I get in bright red the text:

Hero: This version of Hero Lab does not allow you to take more than 6 character classes.

- Obviously this would seem pretty self explanatory as to what the problem is (I have over 6+ Classes/Prestige Classes on one character) but in some builds of a the identical character it doesn't show up at all and others not until I have like 8 levels of my 6th class but still not MORE than 6 classes.

I'm just wondering if this is a glitch or am I misunderstanding what the warning is really for. Also what is the consequence of this 6 class "limitation" because it seems to let my add as many classes as I want despite the warning with no negative (at least noticeable) impact on the character build.

I'm so shocked by this I'll say it again

I know some Prestige Classes only have 5 levels available in them but

I haven't even thought of someone ever having more than their parent class and maybe....just maybe adding a third Prestige class and that's only a recent concept because one of my fellow players in the campaign I'm in shocked me by adding a 2nd Prestige class to the adventuring party's cleric whereas the rest of us are either straight up 15th level in a core class or a mix of levels between a core class and one Prestige class.

Sir or Madam, you are reminding me of the Old Days when to become a bard one could only be Human or Half-Elven, had certain stat & alignment restrictions, first had to be a fighter for 5 levels and then before attaining 8th level had to switch to thief (before they got all politically correct and changed the class name to "rogue") AND THEN at some point between their 5th and 9th level as a thief they switch again to being a druid & get to be "called" a bard. I doff my cap to you.

Unless you're just making a "godlike" NPC rather than a Player Character.

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