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Here are some more bugs I found in the Skaven Data File

Warpstone Tokens should be listed as One Use Only.

Plague Censors should be listed as affecting only Clan Pestilens on a 6 now and not models with mark of nurgle.

Plague Furnace should not give the Plague Priest a 6+ armor save.

Warpfire Thrower should have its template rules changed to any model touched is hit automatically not as per breath weapon.

Warpfire Thrower template should be listed as a flaming attack.

Jezzails have a 4+ armor save (no need for the asterisk).

Also the following items/options/attacks should be listed as Warpstone Weapons.
- Jezzails
- Warp Lightning Cannons
- Plague Censors
- Ratling Guns
- Warpfire Throwers
- Poison Wind Globes
- The Zzzap Bolts from the Doomwheel
- The Billowing Death, Enshrouded by Fog, and Wrecker Attack of the Plague Furnace

Once again thanks for your hard work and time put into making these files in the first place.
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