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Ok, let's take a step back.

Currently, I can create multiple topics and give them same alias, with different capitalizations or the same capitalizations:

Topic 1 Main Name: "Topic 1", case-insensitive.
Topic 1 Alias: "Topic One", case-sensitive
Topic 1 Alias: "Topic 2", case-sensitive.
Topic 2 Main Name: "Topic 2", case-sensitive.
Topic 2 Alias: "Topic Two", case-insensitive
Topic 3 Main Name: "Topic 1", case-insensitive.
Topic 3 Alias: "Topic One", case-sensitive

The GUI will warn me that I am re-using a name without a suffix to differentiate, but one of the options is "Save anyway" (amounting to a response of 'I understand, do it anyway'). This will cause the the GUI to stop and request that I select which Topic text of "Topic 2" should link to, as there are two match candidates. Likewise, text of "Topic 1" would present two possible matches.

What I cannot do is this:
Topic 1 Main Name: "Topic One" , case-sensitive
Topic 1 Alias: "Topic one", case-sensitive. <-- THIS IS NOT ALLOWED

Regardless of the case sensitivity settings, the alias is seen as a case-insensitive duplicate of the main name.

Because these aliases CAN be created across topics, I cannot see how honoring the case sensitivity of the aliases breaks anything in any way that is not already "broken" by allowing the aliases to exist on what amounts to the wrong topic. The only effect I can foresee is that there may be an additional match candidate suggested for certain text (which is exactly what I want).
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