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Originally Posted by Maidhc O Casain View Post
I just happened to notice that first map that's missing and wanted to point it out . Y'all's readiness to make it even better is awesome.
Damn, I didn't notice that, but then I am not using those maps for players - I have other tools for that.

FWIW - after seeing that there was the problem last night, I went through "book 1" as far as I can tell the only links that are wrong are the Foxglove Manor ones... The one thing I did notice is that its slow to open some topics - probably because of the size... Sandpoint in particular is very slow to open, and at times you have to click out of it and back into make it appear.

But it has saved me months of data entry, considering we start in 3 weeks time, and I only had up to end of book 2 entered manually.
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