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@Rone - hopefully you're still monitoring this thread.

I have no real beef with the organization of the realm. In the end, that's a choice that y'all had to make, and if the flexibility of RW has shown us anything it's that no two people's ideas of how to organize an adventure will be quite the same.

But, I can't seem to find the map for the first encounter, labeled "The Swallowtail Festival" in the pdf. Maybe I'm just missing it. If so, if someone could point me to it that would be great. If I'm not missing it, if it's really not there, then that makes me wonder what else is in the adventure that somehow didn't make it into the realm.

For $35 for the RW file on top of the $42 for the pdf, it seems to me like every bit of information in the pdf should be included somewhere in the RW file.
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