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Originally Posted by Exmortis View Post
However my bug reported in 2017 is still not fixed so I cannot update my campaign to Pathfinder.

On top of that I am dead in the water with any kind of sync, as I reported a bug in the beginning of the year that is preventing me from using the cloud sync.
We've been prioritizing bugs based on the number of people who've encountered them. It sounds like whatever is plaguing you is "special" and unique to you (or just a few users), as it otherwise would have been something we sorted out over the past few months.

Please reproduce the two problems again, then create a support ticket that specifies exactly when the crashes occurred. In that ticket, tell them that Rob asked you on the forums to have it flagged directly to his attention. You can point them to this post so they can confirm it.

Once the dust settles on everything from the release, I'll circle back and take a look at what's going sideways for you.

Thanks, Rob
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