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So Bestiary downloaded, and imported. rather long list of issues, but I suspect that's because my campaign is "Other" not "Pathfinder". Was no such beast when it started.

So credit where it is due:
I am impressed, the content is well organized, well presented and it imported to the mechanics reference (nice!).
Extra special thanks to the inclusion of a .por for use in HL! unexpected but a welcome little addition.

MY only little gripe (and it is little) is the entries are not organized with a alphabetical heading, rather then the very long list of monsters.

which begs one wee question, it appears I can indeed make changes, adjustments to the content, possible add my own alpha headings? combine all PF Bestiaries under such headings?

It has been a long roller coaster ride, only less fun, but from this one glimpse, seems you did a really good job, clean, well thought out content anyone would be happy to add to their Pathfinder campaign.

P.S. the link for the article with regards to importing into a realm leads to a dead link. I have done it many times not a biggie, but thought I would mention it. Others may find it helpful.

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