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Originally Posted by OverlordofFoxes View Post
Interesting creation and setup on the rules. Based on the issue that resulted in the Vista version. Iím going to take a gander and assume the descriptions will be generic. Whatís the plan on the limitations and advantages for the powers like invisibility doubling the cost?
I'd handle that with an eval script on the Invisibility thing (haven't gotten that deep yet, but eventually) that checks for the presence of the appropriate Bonus(es) and changes the BaseCost tag. Tags on powers look something like this:

	<tag group="PowerType" tag="Physical"/>
	<tag group="Range" tag="Self"/>
	<tag group="Type" tag="Auto"/>
	<tag group="BaseCost" tag="45"/>
	<!-- Factor Cost -->
	<tag group="FactorCost" tag="4"/>

Authoring Kit Rule Sets (now with functioning links!):

Qin: The Warring States

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

MEGS/BoH/DC Heroes (work in progress)
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