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Hi Farling,

I'm importing into a new Pathfinder realm. My steps were:
  • Create a new Pathfinder Realm
  • Add copies of relevant categories (Feats, Magic Items)
  • Export that realm's structure
  • Create the .rwexport file with your tool
  • Import that back into the realm I created
How do I have more than one column appear in a field? e.g. with Feats you have Benefit but also Normal and Special. Is it possible to add more than one column to a field? Or is that part of the initial copying of the category? To add any missing fields before exporting the structure? (I think I know the answer to this already now after thinking about it )
Also, I couldn't see a picture in your post sorry.

Thanks for your help, I'll do another one using the selector now that I know what I'm doing haha.
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