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Culhwch wrote:
> *Colen wrote:*
> Culhwch wrote:
> This error should be fixed if you re-create the panel for your prestige
> class with the latest version of Hero Lab, save the file, then reload
> the data files.
> Hmmm...that didn't seem to do it. I recompiled and recreated the class
> panel for all my custom prestige classes and I still get the error. I
> also get the error with prestige classes that came with the d20 rules
> (e.g. Eldtritch Knight).

Ah! My mistake, I was looking in the wrong place for the error. I've
fixed this, so it should be included in the next release of Hero Lab.

> On a related note, I wanted to test Eldritch Knight without my custom
> stuff included to see if the error occured. I moved all my custom files
> to a different directory and reloaded the files (at one point closed and
> restarted Hero Lab). All my custom stuff was still selectable. Do I need
> to do something else to remove custom content from Hero Lab?

You'll need to force a recompile (Tools menu -> Data File Debugging ->
Compile Data Files) and then reload the data files to ensure that HL
"forgets" your custom content. Hero Lab recompiles the data files
whenever it finds that the compiled files are older than their
components; if all you do is remove some files from the directory, the
compiled files will still be newer than all of the data, so Hero Lab
doesn't know to recompile things.
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