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I don't fractional in my games nor allow them because I don't feel confident in my mathematical ability. (And if I can't, I can't make sure its being added right especially when prestige classes or multi-classing comes into play later in the game.) However, with hero labs doing all the calculations it might be worth considering because it is more accurate.

But the real issue, the real hurdle with making Gestalt classes work in HL is not blending classes. But blending two caster classes.

I don't know about fractional and CR/ECL. I've always gone by the rule of reduce the CR of monsters by 1/3rd in my head and that produces a fairly good match for most things. When it doesn't work, I tweak things while we are playing. But then, my play style is LESS hack and slash and more role-play. If combat is going poorly, and isn't balanced I'm just as likely to turn it into free-form rp combat as I am to pause the game and hit the books for added help.

Some people may not like this, but those I play with don't seem to mind much.
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