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Originally Posted by DeltaMasterMind View Post
The way my DM has explained it to me is when Gestalting the first two classes act as one class option vs experience and leveling, meaning if I used my Sorcerer/Warmage gestalt then any other class added is considered multiclassing I.E. Sorcerer/Warmage 1, Cleric 1.
With this in consideration he did rule that at level I needed to choose between the gestalt class option or the cleric to level when I had enough XP to level.

As others have said both the gestalt class leveraging they are on par with it. Essentially treat the gestalted classes as one class.
Pretty much sums up what I found about gestalt. Everyone group uses a houserule to figure things out. Multiple ways to see RAW and each group uses a different method. So for the Pathfinder version of things I put in adjustments for BAB and Base Save Values. This way groups can easily re-adjust the values to what their particular group uses.

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