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I doubt you'll get much from the staff in the short term - they're currently pushing to get things nailed down to try for a pre-Christmas release. If you read through the progress notes Rob has been posting you'll find out about the remaining issues, and a number of features they already have scheduled for addition after v1.0 ships.

Included on the list is export capability. The current priority is getting data _into_ the system: once that's done (and some other features), they'll worry about getting data back out. Printing is . . . iffy, I'd say. They want to do it, and a lot of people want it, but formatting options for something this flexible make it significantly more difficult then we tend to think. My best guess is that in the nearer term they'll come up with an export solution, and leave it to the user to import into a word processor so they can format the results exactly as they wish.
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