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Originally Posted by AEIOU View Post
This got me thinking that it would be great if his character could start his own bestiary for uncommon creatures and add notes to the NPC's based on the character's impressions. Add quotes and leads and names and plans to everything. The players could flesh out the world from THEIR perspectives if they had limited write access. Add a prefix to each entry with the character's name so the GM can identify the player info easily. And make it shareable so the party can share their thoughts with each other if they wish.
The Journal mechanism within Realm Works should provide exactly this sort of capability. Players will be able to maintain their own journals with all the notes they want. Full linking is provided within journal entries, so any mention of the NPC "Varigon" in the journal entry would be linked to the topic that you've revealed to the players. The key detail is that players enter their material separately from the material you create and reveal - it is all simply linked together.

The Journal mechanism will probably not be included in the V1.0 release. We have a preliminary version in the Beta right now, but it needs a major overhaul before it goes public. The current schedule calls for it to be included shortly after the V1.0 release. The thinking is that most GMs will spend the first weeks with Realm Works getting their content into it, so player-centric features aren't critical until after the GM starts utilizing RW during play.
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