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I'm going to shoot for the moon here and go beyond map pins for players.

My son just started playing Pathfinder and is maybe a third of the way through his first adventure. It's very interesting watching the gears turn and seeing how he approaches things. Anyways, since he's unfamiliar with the setting, the mechanics, and roleplaying in general. So he's diligently been taking pages of notes on the NPC's, creatures encountered, plot elements, etc.

This got me thinking that it would be great if his character could start his own bestiary for uncommon creatures and add notes to the NPC's based on the character's impressions. Add quotes and leads and names and plans to everything. The players could flesh out the world from THEIR perspectives if they had limited write access. Add a prefix to each entry with the character's name so the GM can identify the player info easily. And make it shareable so the party can share their thoughts with each other if they wish.

As a GM, this would be amazingly helpful. I could skim their notes and see what interests them, what NPC's they trust or don't trust, see what areas they'd like to investigate, etc. Are they on track? Did I describe the situation/NPC/place clearly? What stuck out enough that they wrote it down? That's interesting, they all recorded that nobody NPC's name and each has ideas as to why he's important -- maybe I need to rethink things.... This is absolutely huge for campaign development.
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