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Originally Posted by rob View Post
Maps are currently a one-way street, being only able to allow the GM to reveal material to the players. Of course, that could be changed post V1.0 based on the requests of users.

Could you please describe some scenarios you have in mind where this capability would be leveraged? That way, we can start thinking about how best to add something like this and how flexible it would need to be.

One that occurs to me is a PC separated from the party who hides something. He (or she) could want to mark that on the map as a private note that the other characters don't know about until the group re-joins.

Similarly, a less-than-team-player PC could decide to hide some of the treasure from the other PCs. It could then be revealed to any PC who made the appropriate check to observe the hiding or find it later.

In both cases, the GM *could* (and initially will need to) create the Pin and share it with the one PC. But it would be good for player involvement if the PCs can create such themselves.

Of course, this also gets back in some ways to the request for PC-level (not Player level) control over information.. because if the character who hid the loot is killed, it may be possible (or necessary) for others to find the lost loot.. especially if it was a major plot item.
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