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Three new videos to demonstrate specific functionality within Realm Works have been published. Each one expands upon particular aspects of the software described in the Kickstarter video. Here’s a summary of what’s featured in each:

1. Basic Content via Topics. Topics encompass the people, places, things, and events of your world. This video shows how easy it is to establish a Topic and flesh out its details. We build an NPC as an example, and demonstrate how information about the NPC can be established in multiple ways. The video highlights the ability to incorporate external elements, like images or Hero Lab portfolios, into the Topics you’re creating. The functionality around establishing tags for your content and Realm Works’ sophistication at automatically creating links are also on display. Finally, we show how you can disclose individual elements of your topics to your players.

2. Story-Driven Content. Realm Works offers unique capabilities to weave your story and content together as you evolve your world. Your ability to manage plots and storylines in a visual manner to accomplish this is highlighted in the video. We demonstrate the ease with which you can create a plot and establish its content. We also highlight how links are created and the use of plots while you’re playing the game to quickly move to relevant content.

3. Leveraging Maps. Maps in Realm Works provide powerful functionality for navigating through your world and can be revealed incrementally to your players as they journey across it. This video focuses on how you can use maps as a navigation tool and instantly access needed content. We show how easy it is to place pins on maps to represent places of interest, like a location or an encounter, and associate them with the relevant content. Finally, we show the power of our Fog of World™ technology and incrementally revealing content to your players using maps as an example.

We hope you enjoy the videos!
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