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Originally Posted by McTaff View Post
I'd also like every character sheet to be available to me at any given time, with any treasure I give out to be allocated to specific party members. Nothing worse than a convenient "Oh, I've got the Staff of Wind Mastery in my backpack" when the character who really has it happens to be unconscious at the bottom of a cliff. In the past, I have had to use 'playing card' blanks with the equipment and description written on it so I know who has what.

Oh, and tracking gems, party wealth in coins, and unidentified magic items.
I second this idea. I've discovered recently that trying to keep the hidden features of an item hidden SUCKS.

If I give the party a gem and they don't appraise it or mark down where it came from... three months from now they are going to say "oh, and we sell the red gem." Ummm... which red gem, how much do the PCs think it's worth and how much IS it worth?

So, something that would allow me to track valuables, magic items and what the players know about it would be excellent. Sure, it doesn't seem worth it time wise for a 25 gp "red gem"... but what happens when they get it confused with the 5000gp "red gem". Neither of which had been appraised at that point.

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