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Old April 20th, 2012, 07:46 PM
May I necromance the thread to ask just how things are going with Realm Works' development? Obvioulsy I missed the beta intake, but now that I'm aware of the project I'm eager for news.

I never thought I would be all that interested in a tool like this, but now - the longer I spend plotting campaigns in word processors, or try to use novel/storyline development software to apply to game planning - the more excited I get to see it completed. It probably doesn't help that I'm converting a level 1-30 adventure path with 12 modules, and I'm being super-picky about changing every incidental name and description to match my homebrew setting... my "GM Reference" document is quickly becoming bigger than any of the individual adventures. In any case, what I'm saying is that at this stage if a pre-order came up I'd probably jump on it.

Since I'm here, I may as well ask about features I'm hoping to see...
  • Random name grab-bag with user-defined lists. I have big lists of names that suit particular races and areas in my campaign, since the standard D&D set don't always work with my world. When I'm put on the spot for a bit-part NPC I didn't think about too hard, I'd love a button that lets me grab a random name from the appropriate list without any hassle.
  • The ability to have multiple versions of NPCs tied to each other - so you could, for example, have a level 2 version of Whatshisface and a level 6 version for later on, both tagged as being Whatshisface.
  • Some manner of user-defined fields for NPCs. I don't actually give most of mine stats, since I don't want to ever risk them upstaging the PCs, but I do like to create them as "cohort" entities that can give the party certain benefits. I'm sure I could just write things like that in their description, but it would be much more excellent to see versatility similar to HeroLab, where I could create fields like "services" and "active benefit" as part of a template for my NPCs.
  • Association between quests/plots and other entities. For example, working the the cohort rules I mentioned above, the party can improve their cohorts by taking on quests dealing with their personal plots. I'm hoping RealmWorks would let me categorise or tag quests/plots as being major, minor, personal, tied to a particular character or area, linked to/triggered by another quest/plot, and so forth.
  • Sorting options for, like, everything. One of the most annoying things about working with plain old document formats is that most stuff has to be changed manually (embedded spreadsheets/databases have helped with some of that, but they make the document big and clunky and don't enjoy running on my netbook). Being able to sort entities by, say their location, relation to the party, time-sensitivity, plot importance, or any number of other factors (especially, in my case, old or new name) would be a huge boon.
So, am I fortunate enought that any of those things are implemented/planned/being considered?

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