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That is a simplification...

Templates are good starting blocks, but provide a good starting point for players not skilled in the system. Default races for templates are there to be used as standard unless agreed upon by the GM. Though I can't see many GM's not agreeing depending on what the player is trying to achieve. Wookiee, Ewok or Mon Calamari template on Rodian does not make sense to me, but who knows what a player would wish to do.

So I have built it to take the template as default and give some standard text based on chosen template, pre-add the skills from the template, pre-set the attribute values from the template. A custom template can be chosen with no pre-sets, but no template descriptions.

Once a template is chosen, the user selects the race, with races containing attributes outside the template greyed out (but still selectable).

Once you have chosen a race, errors will be reported if the racial max or min are exceeded.

Then you can change the starting attribute points to match the race, or to a different idea or concept. Also select force sensitive as its skill points are taken from the starting attribute points. Though doing so will lock in the choice of starting template. Errors will be thrown if a force skill or power is selected without being force sensitive. Force templates will be allowed without force sensitive, but as they pre-select the indicated force powers errors will still appear.

Next you can select new Skills, including Skill Specialisations, and assign skill points.

Once skills have been chosen, you need to decide on force abilities if you have taken any force skills.

Then I am adding a new section for making your own background, personality, objective, quotes and connection with other characters where different from the template. (this section will not be required on character sheets, but is good for role-play pointers).

Then Armour, Weapons, Equipment, Minions (Droids and followers), Starships and Vehicles.

Droid characters will need their own tab for modifications.

Force will include force traditions of which Jedi and Tyia are explained in the main rules, so other will be included as the three defaults.

So if you want Alien student of the force it has three force tradition options, and no race specified...

If you want Young Jedi, then warning will be encountered if Human and Jedi tradition are not selected.

As always, warnings can be ignored, but they are there for when players do something unexpected so the GM can approve or not allow.

I have also set up Droid and Force characters as optional for character creation so they can be turned off for some games.

This is still a work in progress but it is getting there.
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