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Old September 11th, 2011, 03:38 AM
I had a go at customising the character output.

As you can see I have force sensitive, skills, templates and races working.

Advancement is elusive, will ask questions later for help, but all skills are now entered correctly.

I will eventually line up the attributes correctly, and the template information is missing if custom build is selected.

Force skills and advance skills appear in new section when in use, specialisations appear with the skill.

I will look at how to add skills to a character with a template that can then be removed by user.

Though next I will be completing the Template descriptions in the selection window and making it the first Tab on the character builder, then move on to a Race Tab, and more to follow. After playing with the character sheet I believe I can customise the tabs a lot more now to make them work as I need them to.
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