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Originally Posted by thedarkelf007 View Post
Another question:

How can I change / set the race in the static form from he authoring kit from another item.

- Star Wars has templates
- Each template is assigned a race
- I want to auto select the race when the template is selected or leave it blank if no template is selected
You'll need to tell me more about what "Template" means in this game system. Are they unique, or can there be more than one template on a character? If a template requires a certain race, does that work the other way around, too? Certain races must always have certain templates?

By default in Hero Lab, races are selected from a chooser (rather than from a table like on the abilities tab - tables allow the user to add more than one thing from a category, choosers only allow a single selection from that category).

The thing selected in a chooser can only be changed by the user, and not by Hero Lab (with the exception that you can set a default value for it, if you wanted a new, blank character to be human, for example, rather than having no race selected).

So, if there can be 0 or more templates, but there must be exactly one race on each character, I'd recommend making the templates an automatic function of the races that require them, rather than the other way around.
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