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Originally Posted by Lawful_g View Post
When do you guys want it?
It seems like Risner has allot to do still so maybe give him some time? Or we could just go ahead and start rounding out 1.4 already. I am open to what ever seems better for everyone else.

Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
Ok, the Ardent and Divine Mind classes are done. Does it make sense for me to combine the Ardent, Divine Mind, and Lurk into one file? These are the only three base classes in Complete Psionics, so it could be CPsi - Classes or something like that. It would also render the CPsi-Lurk file obsolete. Thoughts?
I am sort of against the whole obsolete old files bit but now that the worms out of the bag guess its pointless. So I would say go ahead and combine them together and create an Empty CPsi-Lurk file then with just a History, and Document tags.

Sendric do you have access to DropBox? I have the 1.4 folder is out their in DropBox so feel free to add these classes then for testing and integration to 1.4. If not email me at ShadowChemosh(at)yahoo(dot)com and we can get you setup.


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