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Razor Coast follows the setup of Streets of Zobeck and Isle of Kandril. It looks to me like the common denominator is that those items catalogued as a combination of setting and adventure have all the "bells and whistles" attached, while those items categorized as straight up adventures are being set up as a straight up list of scenes.

While the RotRL realm will be a great help in running the AP - and I'm still glad I bought it for that reason - I do agree with EightBitz that it won't really be much use if one is trying to integrate the AP into any sort of overarching campaign. The lack of character lists, group lists, location details, etc. seems to make it lackluster. It doesn't take advantage at all of RW best tool, the ability to follow links between locations, people, groups, etc down all those rabbit holes when the players go off the rails of the written adventure and just explore.

I think the same will likely be true of other adventure modules if LWD follows the same publication pattern.

I'm with EightBitz - I've already bought the PDF of these adventures, at least, and typically the HeroLab encounter library for them as well if I intend to run them. For the extra $10 to $35 I'm spending for a RW realm, I'd really like to see more than a linear regurgitation of the PDF I've already bought.

And if I'm not going to get that, I'd like to know in advance what I'm getting for my money, since I can't get a refund if I don't like it.
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