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Any updates on the availability of the downloads page? For the last year or so I have been unable to download the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game update using the updater in the software. Ever since the file has gotten over ~175MB it always errors out on me saying "Error downloading file from remote web-server. This is probably due to a problem with the web-server. Please try again in a little while." It always errors out after making it to about 2/3's of the way through the download process. I have tried this also on two of my laptops and I get the exact same error and I have tried it on my friends network as well with the same issues. So to get around this I was always going to the download page and downloading the file manually and then importing it into HeroLab manually. With the downloads page inaccessible since the website was updated I have been unable to update my software for the the last 2 updates and recent purchases are completely useless to me. I don't have any problems downloading other updates that are smaller file size such as the app itself or community updates.
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