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Well as I do believe that the marketing for Realm Works should be further built up to increase revenue, there path to HLO with Star Finder just coming out is a business strategy to further strengthen there financial standing. Honestly though I have seen adverts for Herolab for some time, but rarely any adverts for Realm Works and getting more sales there needs to be given a boost. Although I don't really understand Realm Works interface well, mainly do to the fact I have no prior experience working with realm building software (if any others exist).

Plus any tutorial video I have seen on it makes me sleepy. Which sadly makes this difficult for me to gasp the software. Herolab though I get and have had time to code in it, even applying that knowledge to d20 and 5e. I am hoping for a better API and UI update to Realm Works (which I guess is in the works from what I have read thus far) and with HLO perhaps a possible Dynamic Map tool that uses Realm Works files and imports them for active use with HLO?! That would be a new thing that would get alot of customers, since that would allow for interesting convention events; let alone local play.
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