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Originally Posted by MNBlockHead View Post
Even if they don't, HL has a much larger existing and potential customer base than RW. It makes complete sense that they would emphasize getting HLO out first, especially with the opportunity to release right after the release of Star Finder.

There are many features I would like to see in RW (*cough* custom calendars *cough*), but they need to be a profitable company to do so.
I'm not so sure about that. Who's going to buy HLO that doesn't already own Classic? The new features are not groundbreaking enough that people who were on the fence about Hero Lab are going to be convinced to buy it now. Nobody is comfortable with the risk of spotty internet and the chances of ALL players at the table owning HLO to even make use of the features is low.

People that want Starfinder would have spent the same money for the classic version.

People who already own HL "might" convert to HLO but the cost (and profit) is minimal.

I don't think its a terrible idea, its probably not going to lose money, but I don't think its going to get new customers.

Edit: and if I was a RW customer I'd be pretty upset. Finishing RW would get me to buy in and they'd get more money from me for that than converting to HLO.

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