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FAQ - General

What is Spheres of Power?
It's a very cool, 3rd-party magic system for Pathfinder, published by Drop Dead Studios. It includes 11 magic-using classes who can use any of twenty "spheres" of magic. A "sphere" is somewhat like a school of magic in PF or D&D. You spend "talents" to gain access to a sphere, which grants you one or two magical powers. You can then spend further talents to enhance those abilities, gain new abilities within that sphere, or gain access to a whole new sphere.

What is Spheres of Might?
Spheres of Might takes the system of spheres and talents introduced by Spheres of Power, and applies them to martial combat. In this system, each sphere represents training in a broad type of fighting style (such as Boxing, Sniper, or Wrestling) or equipment (such as Alchemy or Traps). Like in SoP, you can then spend talents to gain new abilities within a sphere, enhance existing sphere abilities, or gain a new sphere. There is a particular focus on granting martial characters a variety of interesting and useful options both in and out of combat.

What is Champions of the Spheres?
Champions of the Spheres introduces character options that blend the magic and martial sphere systems. It includes three character classes that can gain both magic and combat talents, as well as several archetypes for other Spheres classes that grant the use of magic talents on martial classes or vice versa.

Where can I buy the Spheres packages?
From DrivethruRPG:

Spheres of Power:
Spheres of Power (core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Spheres of Power PDF (with a bundle discount)

Expanded Options (requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Expanded Options PDF (with a bundle discount)

Battlemage's Handbook (War Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Battlemage's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Conjurer's Handbook (Conjuration Sphere): In development

Creator's Handbook (Creation Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Creator's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Destroyer's Handbook (Destruction Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Destroyer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Diviner's Handbook (Divination Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Diviner's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Enhancer's Handbook (Enhancement Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Enhancer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Geomancer's Handbook (Nature Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Geomancer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Illuminator's Handbook (Light Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Illuminator's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Mentalist's Handbook (Mind Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Mentalist's Handbook PDF (coming soon)

Nyctomancer's Handbook (Dark Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Nyctomancer's Handbook PDF

Shapeshifter's Handbook (Alteration Sphere, requires core AND Pathfinder Pack):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Shapeshifer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Telekinetic's Handbook (Telekinesis Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Telekinetic's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Vivomancer's Handbook (Life Sphere, requires core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Vivomancer's Handbook PDF (with a bundle discount)

Spheres of Might:
Spheres of Might (core):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Spheres of Might PDF (with a bundle discount)

Champions of the Spheres (requires Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might):
Hero Lab files only
Hero Lab files plus Spheres of Might PDF (with a bundle discount)

Does Spheres of Power require any other data packages to be installed?
Yes, you need Ultimate Magic and the Advanced Player's Guide. This is because Spheres of Power refers to resources from those packages, such as the Versatile Channeler feat, Alchemist and Magus class abilities, etc.

Also, if you have a Shifter with the Impaling Charge trait then it is recommended that you have Classic Monsters Revisited, because without it you will be given a "placeholder" version of the Impaling Charge feat instead of the real version that contains the actual feat description.

Additionally, some of the sphere-specific splatbooks (most notably the Shapeshifter's Handbook) require the Pathfinder Pack to be installed, because they make use of material from Dreamscarred Press.

I installed the package, but I don't see any SoP/SoM content like classes or feats.
Make sure your portfolio has Spheres of Power and/or Spheres of Might activated as a source. Press CTL-K to bring up the Configure Hero menu, look for "Spheres of Power/Might" under Drop Dead Studios, and make sure it's checked.

Will there be future updates to these packages?
Yes, I do periodic updates to fix bugs, introduce previously-missing elements where possible, and just generally improve the experience. I try to have an update to each core package out on a roughly monthly basis, other projects and real life permitting. Expansions tend to get updated as I find and fix bugs.

How do I specify my character's Casting Ability or Practitioner Ability?
On the Magic Sphere Abilities tab, look for the Casting Ability selector near the upper right corner of the panel.

On the Combat Sphere Abilities tab, look for the Practitioner Ability selector near the upper right corner of the panel.

My CAM/PM isn't getting added to duration/damage/save DC on this sphere/class ability!
You probably haven't chosen your casting/practitioner ability yet (see above). Even if you're playing a class like Armorist that normally has no choice of casting/practitioner ability, we ask you to choose anyway, because you might have your GM's permission to use a non-standard ability.

But my DM follows the rules as written in their game and doesn't want us to have free choice of casting/practitioner ability.
No problem. Although the package makes you pick your casting/practitioner ability, it also enforces the "correct" choice through warning messages. For example, if you're a single-classed Armorist then you'll have a warning message on your character telling you that you are only allowed to select Wisdom.

Well, my DM lets us pick any casting/practitioner ability, so I don't want to see that warning.
We've got you covered, too. Enable the "Free choice of casting/practitioner ability" houserule, and that warning message will be suppressed. This and other houserules can be found in the Configure Hero menu (CTL-K).

(SoP) I want to give my character a Sphere Wand or Sphere Staff, but I don't see those in the list of magic items.
Sphere Wands and Staves were added in version 1.8, so make sure you have updated to the latest version. Once you have version 1.8 or higher, you can create a Sphere Wand or Staff from the Magic tab by adding "Sphere Wand" or "Sphere Staff" and customizing it with Spheres and Talents.

Also, these items are still using their names from an older version of SoP. You may know Sphere Staves and Sphere Wands by their newer names, Implements and Spell Engines respectively. These items will likely be renamed in a future update.

Are there Adjustments for sphere effects placed on my character by another caster/practitioner?
Yes. I've added many Adjustments to the package to represent such effects. There are also Adjustments that let you apply bonuses or penalties to your caster level (either with a particular talent, a particular sphere, or overall), as well as the number of spell points and magic talents your character has. You can also add "temporary spell pools", which give you an additional reserve of spell points (like those provided by a wand).

(SoP) What about Rituals? Or the spellcrafting system?
Unfortunately, Rituals and Spellcrafting are not supported at this time.

Can I create my own SoP/SoM content in the editor?
You sure can! The package adds a "Spheres of Power" or "Spheres of Might" tab to the editor, where you'll find subtabs for creating SoP-and-SoM-specific elements such as Talents.

(SoP) What's this "Fractional Caster Level" houserule?
Fractional CL means that when you take levels in more than one Low-caster or Mid-caster class, you will end up with a slightly higher CL than normal, because each class level is treated as giving you 50% or 75% of a caster level (as opposed to the standard method of either giving you a full CL or nothing), and those fractions are then added up (with any leftover fraction being ignored). It's basically the "Fractional BAB" variant rule from 3.5's Unearthed Arcana, applied to caster level.

(SoP) I have an Armorist. How do I make Bound or Summoned Equipment?
Any Armorist (well, technically any character that has either Bound Equipment or Summoned Equipment as a class ability) should get a new tab called "Bound/Summoned Equipment". On this tab, you can designate items as Bound or Summoned equipment. Items so designated will receive the following benefits: they'll be marked as masterwork items (if they weren't already), they'll be marked as "free" so that they don't count against your character's total wealth, they'll have their weight set to zero if not equipped (because we assume the item is either being used by someone else or simply not currently manifested), and will be findable by any other special abilities that interact with Bound or Summoned gear (such as the Warden archetype's Deadly Guardian ability).

(SoP) I picked a Bound/Summoned item from the menu, but the selector doesn't show my weapon/armor/shield/staff.
When you first purchase an item that will be Bound or Summoned gear, make sure to select it as a Custom Item (under the top heading on the tab labeled "Magic, Custom & Masterwork Weapons/Armor". Those items can be customized, and that is what the tab looks for.

(SoP) I have a character with the Alteration sphere. How do I apply a Shapeshift effect?
When you have the Alteration sphere, the Transformation feat, or the "Alteration: Shapeshift" Adjustment, you'll see an Alteration tab on your character. On this tab is a table labeled "Shapeshifts" where you can create and customize Shapeshift effects. You can specify the form and traits granted by the shapeshift, and can even tell Hero Lab whether the effect is being applied by yourself or another caster (which affects form/trait prerequisites accordingly). You can create as many shapeshift effects as you want and then turn on only the one currently affecting your character (if any). This lets you easily switch between forms on the fly without having to stop during gameplay to rebuild your character.

(SoM) I have an Armiger. How do I create my Customized Weapons?
The first step to creating an Armiger's Customized Weapon is adding the weapon to your character as if it were any other weapon, through the Weapons tab. Once you have done this, go to the Customized Weapons tab, which should appear on any character who has the Customized Weapons class feature. On this tab, you can choose between the categories of customized weapons (single weapon, two weapons, ammunition stack, etc). Once you do so, you will see a form that will let you designate which weapon on your character is being designated as the customized weapon, select the talents the weapon will grant, and even rename the weapon. When you're finished, whenever you have the weapon equipped (or both weapons, in the case of paired weapons), the weapon's talents will appear on your character.

(SoM) I have a Technician. How do I create my Inventions?
Unfortunately, Technician Inventions have not been implemented yet. I really wanted to make them a release feature, but they are extremely complicated and require a great deal of UI work that would have added months to SoM's release. I hope to get Inventions working in a future update to Spheres of Might.

I have another question or problem with the Spheres of Power and/or Spheres of Might package.
Post your issue in this thread, or send an email to dropdeadstudios dot herolab at gmail dot com, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I have a non-Hero Lab question or problem regarding Spheres of Power and/or Spheres of Might.
I can only give you answers regarding the Hero Lab packages. Rules questions, customer-service issues, and other issues not related to Hero Lab should be directed to Drop Dead Studios.

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