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Originally Posted by mirtos View Post
I ABSOLUTELY would NOT want this. I like to save often, (like constantly) and wouldnt want a save kicking off a sync, because then players might see things before im ready. If this were to be implemented, i would absolutely want it to be an option to use.
That's why things default to "not shown." You click the green icon to make it shown. I want them to be able to see things as soon as I hit the save button, so that way there's no lag time. Right now, you have to exit, sync, then come back in order to view the changes, which make it a severe pain.

If anything, we could have a "don't sync" option, which prevents auto-sync. I'd just appreciate it if the system was always syncing to everyone connected at the moment.

Performance would be my concern. If you synched things like maps, how much would it slow down players computers during games. A notification is one thing.

"You are currently behind, not viewing the latest realm".
Sending a couple of kilobytes every now and then won't hurt your computer, or your internet connection.

Thats something i would like too, but its difficult, from what i understand. RW is a database, and HL are flatfiles... they could have had it point to the external files, but if you think about the logical conclusions of that, it could cause synching issues if you didnt have the same directory structure on other computers...
Well, the problem I had was that I can't click save. If I click "Open" on RealmWorks, if I click Save on HeroLab, it complains that the file is read only, and nothing saves in RealmWorks. All I want is for it to replace the file with the edited file.
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