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Hello Devs, I'm actually glad on how well you've made this so far. However, there are some glaring QOL issues that I've run into that I would consider some big issues that I've run into.

(In no particular order)
1. Create Content based on Selection/Pin
If I highlight a selection of text, I should be able to right-click and create a new topic, bypassing the entire selection thing. Same with a Pin, I want to be able to go right to "Create Content for this Pin" based on the name of the Pin.

2. Draw on the Map
I would love to be able to create overlays, such as circles, rectangles and such on maps. A great feature would be to draw "paths," so they can see where the NPCs are going. Same with adding text. Heck, if I could create a region, by drawing a circle or rectangle or any other shape, and then be able to link that shape to an article, it would be amazing. As it stands now, I have to create another map for every Provence.

3. Update all Articles with Mentions of this Article
If I create an Article, I want the ability to have the system scan all articles in the entire campaign with mentions of that name, and make links if I need to. Right now, I have to go back and open each article and make sure mentions are linked.

4. When I right-click and click "Create Containing Article", it should create it right there.
This is a big issue. When I'm in the Story Almanac, sometimes, I'll do a "Create Containing Article," and it will be the previous place (World/Story/Mechanics), with the correct container, but the wrong type. It should default to "Person" if I right click under a person group and "create containing article."

5. Synchronize needs to happen automatically.
The idea behind the cloud is that it is always updated. When I make a save, that edit should be queued to be added to the Cloud. This is vital for my next problem.

6. Connected players should be notified when new information has been synchronized to the Cloud, or, better yet, their Campaign should automatically update with the new information, without leaving the Realm.
This is a serious issue, that's a pretty big issue. I bought one GM license and 3 player licenses under the guise that three laptops could be at the table, I could edit my campaign, and instantly, they see the choice. However, this is more like an emailed PDF than anything. Players should never be able to view the realm when their version is old. Live updates will skyrocket this thing into the stratosphere.

7. I wish I could give information to just one player.
This is just a personal preference, but there are some other uses, such as things that one player knows over another. I love it when I'm able to give each player just a tidbit of information, and they can choose when to reveal it. Its a powerful tool, but Realm Works doesn't allow this. Its either all players see it, or no one does.

8. Where is the Key/Value Text?
I wish I could create a Key/Value Text, just because I'm OCD. I'm not talking about Tags. I'm talking: "Physical Description: An ornate grey building, this temple to Veiloaria offers respite to any worshippers and travellers."

9. Why are Keys limited to so little characters?
I found this as a problem when I'm entering dates. I would love to be able to put in Arrived (Continent Name): MM/dd/yyyy

10. For all that is HOLY, allow us to ENTER in dates. Seriously, being able to enter in MM/dd/yyyy, rather than navigating *needs* to happen. The Date picker is a pain in my arse.

11. When displaying the Timeline, the article name should be second.
The Timeline *needs* to be displayed like this:

It just doesn't make sense when a bunch of articles are in the Time Line.

12. HeroLab Connectivity
For some reason, I have to replace the HeroLab file every time I want to update it. I can't just make a change in HeroLab, and press Save, and RealmWorks steals it from HeroLab.

... I think that's all the rants and ideas I have right now. Great system so far.
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